The most common question I receive during a consultation is “can fat return after having liposuction?” The short answer is NO!

Any treated area by liposuction permanently removes the cells in that area. For example if you undertake liposuction on your tummy, the fats cells cannot regrow in that area. The liposuction permanently removes those fat cells. Does that mean you cannot gain weight? Of course not…it simply means that should you gain weight in the future, the fat cells will be proportionally spread into other areas of your body.

What proof is there backing this up?

The Swanson Centre, a well known cosmetic clinic in the USA undertook a study of 301 cases who had underwent liposuction between 2003 and 2006.  The results were overwhelming:

  • For cases where the lower body was treated, the average weight change was a loss of 1 kg
  • For cases where the lower body was treated with abdominoplasty, a total of 2.1 Kilograms were lost;
  • There was also no difference in upper body measurements.

In patients with at least one year or more of follow-up, there was no evidence of fat regrowth.

The study can be found here: