Its deep into Spring meaning the tight jeans and summer shorts are back. There is nothing worse though than looking bloated when you have your favourite pare of shorts on. We all experience bloating but how do we avoid it! Here are some foods which do not cause bloating:

  1. Banana: one of the reasons we become bloated is due to too much sodium intake, which usually is hiding in many of the foods we eat. Potassium which is found in bananas is a good source of countering sodium so if your feeling bloating have a banana;
  2. Rice: many of the carbohydrates we eat are not fully digestible by your organs. Rice however is 100% digested by your stomach and hence if you feel like eating some carbs…rice is the way to go;
  3. Yoghurt: be careful here. You only want to eat the natural yoghurts and not the flavoured ones. If you feel like sweeting it up, mix it up with some fruit!
  4. Herbal Tea: studies show that Herbal team such as peppermint tea, soothes inflammation in the stomach;
  5. Cucumber: is full of water so eating them makes you want to go to the bathroom and hence naturally making the body look and feel slimmer.

Hopefully the above help you staying looking good for summer!